Chapter 002
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 2
Japanese Title: 朱実
Romanized Title: Akemi
Total Pages: 24
Weekly Morning: Issue #41 (1998)
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Akemi (朱実, Akemi) is the 2nd chapter of the Vagabond manga series.

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Takezo and Matahachi wake up in the Oko’s residence. They become acquainted with Oko and her daughter Akemi.


Takezo and Matahachi wake up in a home and feel relieved that they are alive. The scene switches to a woman, Oko, putting lipstick. Takezo gets surprised as she approaches him, but she tells him to join her for a drink. Takezo is beckoned by a drunk Matahachi but he gets up and tells Matahachi that they should leave since they’re healed. The same woman that saved Takezo in the field sits on the floor and rings a bell. Matahachi reminds Takezo to thank the women for their hospitality. Oko tells Takezo to stay if he wishes since fugitive soldiers were still being captured. She goes on to offer the young girl’s, Akemi’s, hand in marriage to either of them and asks Akemi which one she preferred. Matahachi becomes self-conscious but Akemi simply gets up and leaves the room.

While Takezo picks up mushrooms in the forest with a basket, Akemi comes by and throws them all out telling him that they’re poisonous. They continue to pick mushrooms up and Akemi asks Takezo why he doesn’t ask her any questions. He realizes that Matahachi has been relentlessly asking about her occupation and her father. Takezo asks about her age, and she answers that she was 15. Takezo replies that he was 17 but Akemi admits that he looked like he was 30. Takezo asks about what she was doing in such a gruesome field the night she found Matahachi and him.

The scene switches to Matahachi discovering a case full of swords in the house. Akemi admits to Takezo that they’re thieves. Oko approaches Matahachi from behind, telling him that they pawn the weapons they steal from battlefields. Takezo notices a man nearby and asks Akemi who that was. She turns around and starts throwing stones at the unknown person. Takezo holds Akemi from throwing any more. Shivering with tears in her eyes, Akemi admits that the man is Tsujikaze Tenma, the person who killed her father.


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