Blood Game
Chapter 005
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 5
Japanese Title: 血遊び
Romanized Title: Chi Asobi
Total Pages: 20
Weekly Morning: Issue #44 (1998)
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Blood Game (血遊び, Chi Asobi) is the 5th chapter of the Vagabond manga series.

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Tenma grabs his face and realizes he is bleeding from the right side. Takezo states that he is glad he left his Miyamoto village and wants Tenma’s head knowing that he is a brigand, but also a general. Matahachi, on the other hand, rushes at the rest of the Tsujikaze gang with his katana and even cuts off an arm of a member. Tenma while staring at Takezo realizes he has left his guard down. Tenma runs out of the house and Takezo chases him down. Takezo questions why a leader like Tenma would run away for his life. While running, Tenma realizes he had underestimated Takezo for being younger. Moreover, Tenma points out that he has never seen anyone else with the eyes that Takezo possesses. He claims his eyes to be the eyes of a devil or the eyes of a beast itself. Finally, Takezo catches up to Tenma, jumps on top of him, and continually strikes Tenma all over his head and body until he is dead. On the other hand, Matahachi has killed the other 3 men of the Tsujikaze gang. When Takezo arrives back, Matahachi asks Takezo how the fight went between the boss and him. Takezo claims it was “nothing special,” and Matahachi described the rest of the gang as freebooters that were weaklings. Matahachi and Takezo hug and celebrate claiming that the two as a team will take anyone on.

Meanwhile, Oko sees the two celebrate and compares the two as young kids playing a game of blood. Oko tells Matahachi and Takezo that she is leaving with Akemi to avoid being killed by a man named Tsujikaze Kohei.


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