The Brigand Tsujikaze
Chapter 004
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 4
Japanese Title: 野武士辻風
Romanized Title: Nobushi Tsujikaze
Total Pages: 20
Weekly Morning: Issue #43 (1998)
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The Brigand Tsujikaze (野武士辻風, Nobushi Tsujikaze) is the 4th chapter of the Vagabond manga series.

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The Tsujikaze Gang, headed by Tsujikaze Tenma, visit Oko's house and face a battle with Takezo and Matahachi.


Oko feels embarrassed after Takezo rejects her sexual advancements towards him. The Tsujikaze gang pesters Oko to open the door and finally enter house to find Oko sitting alone in a room. The rest of the gang search the house for weapons while Tenma asks Oko for some sake. Oko tells him to get the sake himself and that she did not steal anything. Tenma wants Oko to become his partner, so that she won’t have to steal weapons from the battlefield and keep it a secret anymore. Oko harshly responds back saying that she would never want to end up with Tenma (the man who killed her husband) and that his face makes her want to puke. Tenma orders the gang to check the ceiling as if he already knew that’s where all the weapons would be stashed. The gang pokes at the ceiling and the weapons above start to fall down. One of the gang members finds a young girl, Akemi, and they ask Tenma what they should do with her. Tenma tells them to rape her and even his gang is shocked by his order. As Oko sits alone in her room, Tenma tries to enter. However, Oko is not alone and hidden on either side of the entrance are Matahachi and Takezo, armed with their weapons. Tenma senses that people are hiding near the door and jabs his arm through it, knocking over Matahachi. He then takes the door and throws it at Takezo, but Takezo uses his oak sword to block the door. Tenma quickly grabs Takezo by the face and knocks him onto the ground. He bashes Takezo’s head into the floor continuously however, Tenma soon realizes a piece of his hand was bitten off and that it was bleeding. It was Takezo who did this and he spits at Tenma. Tenma is completely shocked and Takezo wastes no time and hits Tenma across the face with his oak sword.

Ch 4-end pic

Rough sketch by Takehiko Inoue. Tenma asks his gang to rape Akemi


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