The Troubles of Hon'iden Matahachi at Seventeen
Chapter 006
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 6
Japanese Title: 本位田又八17歳の懊悩
Romanized Title: Hon'iden Matahachi 17-sai no Ōnō
Total Pages: 20
Weekly Morning: Issue #45 (1998)
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The Troubles of Hon'iden Matahachi at Seventeen (本位田又八17歳の懊悩, Hon'iden Matahachi 17-sai no Ōnō) is the 6th chapter of the Vagabond manga series.

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After the night against the Tsujikaze gang, Matahachi sits outside a porch looking at a night sky. Swinging his katana while sitting down, Matahachi feels like he can take anyone on eg. Tsujikaze Kohei, Tenma’s younger brother. He also reflects on the fact that this was his first time that he has killed someone and believes he is an adult. As an act of adulthood, Matahachi wants to get sexual with Oko and at first, he is anxious to enter her room. However, he enters, peeks underneath her clothing, and undresses himself for sexual intercourse. While on top of her, Oko asks Matahachi, “which one are you?" Matahachi falsely misjudges her question thinking that she might prefer one over the other such as Takezo. He tries to reaffirm that he is a man who killed 4 men and deserves Oko. But, he lies and tells Oko that he is Takezo. However, Oko knows that it is Matahachi by revealing to him that he’s a “naughty boy” for cheating on his fiance (Otsu) that’s waiting back home for him. Matahachi is shocked.

The next day, Matahachi looks down and upset as he is near a river bank. Takezo and Akemi are also near the river bank trying to bathe and wash the blood-stained clothing from the previous fight. Matahachi dives underneath the water and while underneath, he asks for forgiveness to Takezo and Otsu for the actions he committed last night. After the bath, Matahachi strongly comes out and wants to return back to his home village of Miyamoto.

Meanwhile, the rest of Tsujikaze gang are riding up on their horses. While riding, they wish to get revenge at Takezo and Matahachi for killing their boss. They are also eager to rape Oko for her crimes of stealing weapons and getting their boss entangled in this situation that has led to his death.

Matahachi misses Otsu and wants Takezo to join him. Takezo tells him to go back home and that he won’t be joining him. Matahachi then asks Takezo if he’s going with Oko and Akemi, but even to this, Takezo responds with a no. Takezo then explains why he won’t travel with any of them, “I left home knowing that I would never come back. From this day on… I’m a Vagabond.”

The rest of the Tsujikaze gang show up at the riverbank. It seems like Takezo has already anticipated for their arrival.


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