Vagabond23 500

Vagabond, Volume 23.

(unedited per se) Musashi returns to challenge the second son of the Yoshioka family. The second son writes upon a board , his challenge to Musashi. The battle would take place in ten days. A short while later, a wandering Musashi comes across the board and leaves an inked handprint on it, letting the Yoshioka know that he accepts the challenge. However, Seijiro becomes worried for his clan and his younger brother, leading him to challenge Musashi in a field of burning grass. During a brief exchange, Musashi cuts down his opponent in half, yet feels no enjoyment for defeating the man that left a scar on his forehead. Within the week, rumors of Seijiro's death runs rampant across the town. This leads to the 10 swords of the Yoshioka to devise a plan to use Kojiro Sasaki to defeat Musashi in place of the second son.